Spend less time sifting through resumes and more time finding the right candidates


See the most meaningful information about a candidate at a glance, so you can quickly find the best fit. Get 360-degree profiles with verified credentials using blockchain technology to reduce Hiring Costs & Hiring Cycle. 


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Benefits of Blockchain for Human Resources



Screening tools can miss key skills if I use one wrong word. Full Candidate levels the playing field.


Smarter searching and screening, plus pre-
verified credentials—Full Candidate speeds hiring!


Storing and verifying credentials for a lifetime is costly. With Full Candidate, its ‘once and done'.

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30-second video interviews.

Gain more insight on candidates in a fraction of the time with 30-second self-recorded videos. Video interviews help you to identify the best candidates for the position very early in the hiring process and makes sure you're only investing time and effort into the candidates you're confident in.

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See skills and credentials that we've verified. 

It’s easy for technical job candidates to claim a skill, but has it really been put to the test in the real world?

We verify the skills that job candidates claim through past jobs, publications, or public projects that they’ve contributed to. We also verify candidate identity, education credentials, certifications, courses taken etc and add assertions to their profile on blockchain. 

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Quickly visualize a candidate’s career path.

Quickly understand the candidate’s past roles, the timing of their previous jobs, and their preferred career path at a glance. No more reading through long CVs and needing to piece together the narrative yourself.





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