We believe

The current hiring process is broken.

Technical candidates aren't able to showcase their strengths and are kept in the dark about the hiring process for jobs they're applying to.

Employers are forced to sift through countless resumes and unqualified candidates, preventing them from spending more time with ideal candidates.


Just how bad is the status quo?

For job-seekers...

  • 83% of job-seekers rated their job search experience as poor
  • 45% of job-seekers say they never hear back from the companies once application is submitted

For companies...

  • 56 % of job applications contain false or inaccurate information
  • Spend $4,000 per candidate they evaluate during the hiring process
  • Filling one position takes 65+ days—with much time spent screening and verifying basic information.
  • Re-validating credentials over a lifetime wastes time and money.

Our Solution


Trustworthy Resumes

Each candidate controls their resume or CV.
Changes can trigger a re-verification process to
ensure there’s no mistakes.

Identity & Credentials

The identity of every candidate gets verified
along with key credentials. Creates instant
mutual trust between hiring managers and employees.

Portfolios & References

Job-seekers can post video greetings. Their
references also can post feedback. This speeds
the screening and vetting process for everyone.

Transparent Process

Companies and recruiters can share and updates
details about the hiring process. Candidates
know what to expect and when. Both enjoy
greater transparency.

The founder


Kumar Bandaru runs an IT Staffing and Consulting firm, worked as an IT Architect for several years and is a blockchain enthusiast. He has seen the pain of  hiring a candidate and finding a job first hand and wanted to improve the hiring process using the innovative technologies like blockchain. He believes the
current hiring process is broken and wants to enhance the candidate experience during job search process and help companies hire better candidates easily and quickly.


We're currently building our database of FullCandidate profiles,our job listings and accepting early applicants to FullCandidate.

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