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Product Features

Remove the risk from your hiring with our exclusive recruitment service using our state of the art platform

Built with you in mind

  • Save time on your hiring by viewing submitted profiles online with assessments, in a consistent format. 

  • Reduce the risk of an expensive bad hire with in-depth behavior assessments. 

  • Free replacement up to 12 months 

  • Avoid the disruption of a "bad hire" - 96% of our placements are still on the role after 12 months. 

  • Eliminate the stress of hiring with our interview and onboarding assistance. 

Plus every submission comes with below details 

  • Executive Summary

    Written by your designated Account Manager, this provides you with additional, role-specific information that isn’t on the resume.

  • Key Competency Questionnaire

    Using critical information that you’ve provided; helps you to assess practical suitability before you even speak to the candidate.

  • Competency Benchmark Graph

    This is a visual comparison snapshot that allows you to compare the candidate's strengths in relation to their expected salary.

  • Key Facts

    A snapshot of candidate key facts such as qualifications & awards etc…

  • Personal Video Introduction

    Recorded personally by each candidate, this allows you to form a first impression, early in the process.

  • Behavioral Assessment

    After identifying the candidates’ drivers, we show you a comparison with your existing top performers, helping to remove subjectivity from your hiring decision.

  • Candidate References

    References are provided upfront and include information from past employers, colleagues, and customers.

  • Original Resume

    To round things off, a digital version of the original resume is included.

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